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steelcore tailgateSteelcore Security Rack Tailgate

Steelcore Tailgate Rack


The Steelcore Tailgate Rack is a heavy duty, durable surfboard rack that attaches to the tailgate of a truck, making it simple to safely transport surfboards. This rack consists of a cushy pad and a set of extremely strong straps with buckles. The pad sits on the tailgate of the truck and protects the surfboards from dings or bumps. The straps hold the board securely in place, ensuring that it does not slip or slide during transit.

This surfboard rack is very easy to mount on the truck, so it can be taken on or off whenever needed. In addition, the strong buckles on the straps make it simple to adjust or tighten the rack, offering even more protection for the surfboards. Both the straps and the pad are made of highly durable material that is not prone to fraying or wearing.

  • Pad and straps rack designed for the tailgate of a truck.
  • Holds boards securely and pads the boards during transit.
  • Strong buckles and straps make adjustments simple.
  • Easy to mount or remove.


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