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Finger Grip Racks
Finger Grip Racks

Finger Grip Surfboard rack


The Finger Grip Surfboard rack makes it simple to display your surfboards. With these surfboards racks, you can hang your surfboard from your wall, keeping it out of harm’s way and showing it off at the same time. The racks are designed to be adjustable, in order to fit the length of your board and the amount of space you have. They are also removable, and can be reused over and over. The Finger Grip Surfboard rack features soft foam that cradles your board. Extremely strong double sided tape makes it simple to mount the rack to your wall.

  • Adjustable, removable racks make it easy to safely store or display your board.
  • Works with surfboards of varying lengths and sizes.
  • Can also hold snowboards and wakeboards.
  • Simple installation.


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