Surf Racks 101

Surfboard Racks FAQs 


Can I carry my surfboard using my bike? 

Yes, it’s easy to carry your board on your bike. You can mount your board on your bike using a side mounting rack or a rear mounting rack. Rear mounting racks are the perfect choice for transporting a shortboard. Side mounting racks work better if you’re transporting a longboard. Longboards mounted with a rear rack can sometimes catch too much wind and may make it hard to ride your bike.

What are the options when it comes to car surfboard racks?

Usually, car surfboard racks can be categorized as either soft racks or hard racks. Soft racks are the perfect choice for vehicles that don’t have metal crossbars. Generally, soft racks are made up of a set of pads and two types of attached straps, to hold your board securely while in transit. Hard racks, on the other hand, feature a metal crossbar, padding and straps. The straps are designed to hold the surfboard securely onto the crossbar.

Which surfboard rack should I choose for my vehicle?

The answer to what rack to choose depends on several factors. You’ll need to ask yourself if your vehicle has crossbars or gutters. How many boards you’ll be carrying is also a factor. Some racks are designed to hold one or two boards, while others can hold more. You’ll also want to choose a rack that works for the type of driving you’ll be doing. Some racks work better for short trips, while others are designed for long trips or highway driving.

What are the pros and cons of hard racks?

Hard racks are an excellent rack choice because they’re very durable and will ensure that your boards are held as securely as possible during transit. They work well for highway driving or for transporting boards over long distances. However, hard racks aren’t quite as simple to mount, or as easy to take off your vehicle later. In addition, hard racks are usually more expensive than soft racks.

What are the pros and cons of soft racks? 

Soft racks are not quite as secure as hard racks, so they’re not ideal for transporting surfboards at highway speeds or over long distances. Soft racks are usually only safe at speeds up to about 45 miles per hour. On the other hand, they’re great for short trips, are easy to set up or take down, and work well on a wider variety of vehicles. In addition, they’re usually relatively inexpensive when compared to hard racks.

What is a vehicle gutter?

A gutter is a piece of steel, shaped into a roll, which helps to steer rain away from the sides of the vehicle. Gutters are usually found on older vehicles. If your vehicle was made before 1995, it may have gutters.

What should I choose if my vehicle has crossbars?

The easiest way to mount surfboards on a vehicle with existing crossbars is to buy a set of rack pads and straps. You can pad the crossbars. The straps can then be used to securely hold your board to the pads.

What should I choose if my vehicle doesn’t have crossbars?

If your vehicle doesn’t have crossbars, you have a wide range of rack options. You can use either a hard rack or a soft rack. You can also use a set of pads and straps to mount your surfboard onto your car, much as you would if your car did have crossbars.

What do I need to consider when choosing a soft rack? 

Picking a soft rack is simple because most of them are largely the same. You can just choose the one you think looks the best.

How do I attach my soft rack to my vehicle?

Set the pads of the rack onto the roof of your vehicle. Run one set of straps around each side of the vehicle. These straps will secure inside the vehicle, and the doors will close over them. Run the second set of straps around the board to secure it to the rack. Tighten all of the straps so that everything’s secure.

What do I need to consider when choosing a hard rack?

For a vehicle with gutters, you can choose a hard rack that is designed specifically to attach to the gutters. For vehicles without gutters, choose a rack with straps. The straps will wrap around the vehicle and secure inside, ensuring that your surfboard and rack are as secure as possible.

How many boards will my rack hold? 

Single soft surfboard racks will usually hold two boards, while hard surfboard racks and double soft racks can hold up to four boards. When stacking boards on top of each other, only stack them two high. If you’re transporting more, stack them two by two.

Can I use a rack on a 2-door vehicle?

It’s possible to use a rack on a two door vehicle, but it can be a challenge. With a two door vehicle, it’s usually too hard to get the pads spaced far enough apart to support a board. For shortboards, it will sometimes work, but with longboards, there’s usually not enough support. If you have a two door car, it’s best to buy aftermarket crossbars. You can then use a pad and strap system to mount your board.

Should I use a board bag when transporting my board on my car? 

Using a board bag is a good idea because it will protect your board from both UV rays and any debris that may damage it. It’s recommended to at least use a board sock to protect your board, especially over long trips. However, you don’t actually have to use one.