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Komunity Project Tie Down
Komunity Project Straps

Komunity Tie Down Straps


Komunity Tie Down Straps are one of the best solutions for keeping your surfboard safe and secure while you are transporting it from place to place. These durable straps are designed to be used with vehicles that have an existing roof rack. They will wrap around the roof of your car, keeping your boards securely in place while you drive. In addition, the buckles not only help to keep the straps tight, but are coated in neoprene, in order to better protect your board. These flexible straps are extremely simple to set up and can be wrapped around your board in a flash.

  • Long straps designed to keep your board secure on an existing roof rack.
  • Flexible, adjustable and durable design makes using the straps fast and safe.
  • Neoprene buckles minimize scratches to the board.

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