Surfing Blogs You Should Follow!

As a surfer I always look for new content, images and videos of the surfing industry, I thought about making a list of the best blogs out there, some are personal blogs of pro surfers and  others are blogs of big brands surch as Surfer Mag.

CRAFTY SURF BLOG – Great blog explaining DYI things to craft your surfboard and store it wisely, you must check it out!

DANE REYNOLDS BLOG – Every surfer should know Dane Reynolds, you should check his website and the crazy videos and weird posts he makes!

Kepa Acero – Kepa is true traveler surfer, he travelled all over the world to the most unique and far places to look for waves, he surfed even in the Antartice, his videos are really inspiring.

korduroy TV – Love their site and what they do!, they have really cool videos of surfing and surfing lifestyle, also they make a lot of cool interviews with unconventional surfers.

Surfer Mag’s Blog – They cover a lot of surfing  aspects such as history, travel , health and more.

If you know about a cool blog that is not listed here please send it to us and we’ll review it.