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Surfboard racks: Is it better to buy or build?

There’s no shortage of surfboard racks out there to fit any need. And for those ambitious enough, there are plenty of ideas and instructions that will help you to build your own rack. Whether you plan to buy or build, there are benefits and challenges to both. Surfboard racks take on all kinds of shapes, […]

TOP 10 Surfboard Racks in the world

As a surfer is indispensable to own at least 1 Surfboard Rack for Car and 1 Surfboard wall/home rack to maintain your board safe and transport it easily to the beach when needed. In this article we are saving you time and share some of our experience on what we think are the TOP 10 […]

Infographic: the type of car roof rack that you’ll need

After we received a lot of questions from several clients that they are not sure exactly what type of Surfboard Car Rack they need we decided to make an infographic to ilustrate it as simple as possible for everyone to understand.     If you wish you use this infographic we created please don’t forget […]

Surfing Blogs You Should Follow!

As a surfer I always look for new content, images and videos of the surfing industry, I thought about making a list of the best blogs out there, some are personal blogs of pro surfers and  others are blogs of big brands surch as Surfer Mag. CRAFTY SURF BLOG – Great blog explaining DYI things […]

Surfboard Bike Racks

Surfboard Bike Rack DYI Guide

One of the best ways to make your way down to the beach is by riding your bike. Riding a bike to the beach allows you to get a bit of exercise, enjoy the summer weather and interact with neighbors. However, if you’re planning on surfing once you reach the beach, carrying a large board […]

Surf Rack Made

Do It Yourself Surfboard Racks

While the easiest and sometimes more affordable thing to do is to buy an already built and “easy to install”  Surf Rack, we are aware that some people also love to make them themselves , specially in California as we received a lot of emails from people telling as they built display and wall racks. […]

Single Wrap Rax

All About Soft Racks

When it comes to surfboard racks, the two main options are a hard rack or a soft rack. Soft surfboard racks are a popular choice for many reasons. However, there are also a few disadvantages to a soft rack. Whether or not a soft rack is the right choice depends on what vehicle the rack […]


Best Way to Store Your Surfboard

When you’re not using your surfboard at the beach, keeping it out of the way and safe from harm can sometimes be a challenge. Surfboard storage racks are a great solution to this problem. These surfboard racks store your board, keeping it out of the way, and also display the board. In addition, these racks […]

Hard Racks

Surfboard Racks For Cars Options And Guide

When it comes to surfboard rack choices, there are several options available. Which option is best for you depends on how your car is made, where you’ll be driving and how many boards you’ll be carrying. There are two main types of surfboard racks, called hard racks and soft racks. Hard racks are slightly more […]