TOP 10 Surfboard Racks in the world

As a surfer is indispensable to own at least 1 Surfboard Rack for Car and 1 Surfboard wall/home rack to maintain your board safe and transport it easily to the beach when needed.

In this article we are saving you time and share some of our experience on what we think are the TOP 10 Surfboard Racks in the world.



1) Gutterless Block Surf Rack: when it comes to car racks the best is always to get a hard rack and the Gutterless roof rack is definately the best, most secure and affordable on the market today, will fit 90% of the cars (that don’t have gutters) and will keep your board safe on highways and long drives to the beach, click here to see more specific details about this rack

Gutterless Roof Rack

Gutterless Roof Rack

2)Snubber Car Rack : The same as the gutterless rack but just for cars that have gutters, so if your car has gutters choose this rack and you won’t need any other type of rack for your car anytime soon, click here to read more about this rack.

3) Van Snubber Car Rack : The same as the snubber car rack for the version for vans at the same cost of the snubber.

4) Ocean & Earth Multipurpose Rax : While we always recommend a hard rack when you need to carry your board to the beach with your card, this rack although its a soft rack will definitely stands up for the challenge, if you live next to the beach and you don’t need to drive on the highway to get there, the  Ocean & Earth Multipurpose Rax its definitely a great option, plus it costs about 40% less then any hard rack and its easy to mount and take out at any time, check out the official product page here.

Wall Racks

5) Hawaiian Gun Rack

6)Del Sol Racks Angled

7) Del Sol Racks

Bike Racks

8) Carver Mini Bike Rack: If you live right next to the beach and you are used to get to the surf with a bike then you definitely will enjoy the Carver mini bike rack, don’t think twice, its the standard and industry leader when it comes to Bike Surf Racks, check out more here


9) Carver Max Longboard Rack: The same as the Carver mini bike rack just the Longboard version of it, so if you ride a longboard choose this model over the Mini Bike Rack, see more about the Carver Longboard Rack here.

10) Carver Moped Rack: If you have a moped then you must own this rack, its the industry standard rack for mopeds and “besides looking awesome it just does the job!” click here to be redirected to the product page


Hope you enjoyed this list and if you have recommendations of your own or some rack to add, please let us know through the comments and we will consider your advice.